This Amazing Love

When He put me in this world
When He chose you as my mother
He sure made it right
He made it just right

‘Cause you love me in a way
That’s not like any other
It must be a part of heaven’s design

This amazing love
Has arms that reach to hold me
Has hands that shape and mould me
And wipe away my tears

There’s a place inside your heart
That feels like home to me
Where this amazing love is what I need

With a faith in things unseen
On these wings of gentle spirit
I rest in your prayers
At the end of each day

Covered by your love
I can face my future not fear it
Learning to stand
On my own feet of clay

God is good and Jesus loves me
I know these words are true
‘Cause He said, “Just as a mother comforts,
So I will comfort you”

There’s a cold that comes in winter
With a fire that love sustains
Where a mother’s touch and the hand of God
They somehow feel the same

Where your amazing love
God’s amazing love
This amazing love is all I need


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